About- Solar Street LED

Our company is a Sino-Foreign joint venture established in 1992, which has passed ISO9001:2008、ISO14001:2004&OHSAS 18001:2007 approval with the authority of individual exports. The factory is located in Linhai, Zhejiang and is equipped with high efficient production lines and advanced quality control facilities. Our company is well known for strong technical capabilities, superior product quality and prompt delivery.

太阳能超薄路灯350x540-加强边槽版 4.jpg

屏幕快照 2019-04-03 22.23.46.png

The solar street light which we have developed a new product we have developed in the last two year with five Chinese Patents applied: CN201510397540.2, CN 201510711393.1, CN201610324488.2, CN201610324548.0, CN201710140996.X. It has the following four characteristics:

 1. High efficacy

a) The LED panel luminaire efficacy is more than 180 lm/W;

b) 50% higher than normal LED street lamps。

 2. Long lifetime

a) Low current, low power density, and low junction temperature;

b) The lifetime is predicted to be longer than 10 years (50,000 hours)。

3. High Lumen maintenance

a) The road luminance is only decreased 1.6% in 1 year (4,000 hours) operation。

4. Energy saving > 70%

a) It replaces high pressure sodium lamps 250W HPS by 80W PALED, energy saving        71%;

b) 400W HPS by 120W PALED, energy saving 73%。



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